DAC iDesign - An Open Letter

April 2011

Dear Friends,

Why do I use, sell and recommend IronCAD? I have been using, supporting and teaching CAD since the 1960s (yes, they did have a form of CAD back then). I have introduced and supported CAD systems at companies that include Eastman Kodak, Delphi, Waters Corporation and many more. I broke ground in the teaching of CAD in the 1980s. I have written several CAD text books and developed numerous training programs.

So why IronCAD? I have used or supported most of the major (and many of the not so major CAD products) on the market today and some that are no longer with us. I have simply never found a product as fast, easy to learn or that gives you as much return on your investment as IronCAD. It’s as simple as that. I believe in telling customers and potential customers what will work best for them – not necessarily what will put the most money in my pocket. If I don’t feel a product that I am selling will work for a potential customer, I will tell them.

Sincerely yours,

From DAC iDesign

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